Intuitive Math

Animated math primer for graphics
Intuitive Math is a hosted primer for graphics math, primarily linear algebra and calculus. It takes its inspiration from 3blue1brown, where it combines worked examples of problems along with their visual intuition at each step in the process.


Law and Government in Australia

Jurimetrics Pty Ltd
Jurimetrics is a platform and database compiled from hundreds of thousands of publically available and licensed case reports, prospectii and government registers. See the public legal and regulatory record for almost any company in Australia


Math for window animations

libanimation is a math library that can be used by any compositor to provide nice looking window animations. It provides the math for wobbly windows, a magic lamp effect and some simple affine transformations.

Endless Companion App

Content distribution on local area networks

The Endless Companion App was a project to create both a discoverable and dynamically activated server to stream locally stored content over the local area network to a series of Android clients.

Endless Discovery Feed

Offline content feed for Endless OS

The Discovery Feed is a frontend that aggregates and arranges offline content into a constantly updating and relevant feed.

Kodi on Wayland

A port of Kodi to the next-gen Linux Windowing Subsystem

The first port of the Kodi Media Center to Wayland and Mir

Unity Desktop

The desktop environment that sang

The default desktop experience, shell and compositor on Ubuntu from 11.04 to 17.04. A well-renouned, polished and goregous environment.


A fun, extensible and fast GPU accelerated window manager

Maintenance of the Compiz window manager, porting plugins to C++, adding tests and improving quality and enabling on mobile platforms.