libanimation for everyone

Big important edit to set the record straight This blog post got reposted on reddit with the title “Compiz effects are coming back to GNOME-Shell”. That is not what is happening here at all. Don’t expect any of this stuff to make it into any upcoming Shell releases, because it hasn’t been discussed with anyone […]
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Serverless React Boilerplate

I’ve been keeping my eye on serverless as a way to do hosting and deployments for my next react project when I get around to it and this week I finally got a chance to look into it. The tl;dr is that I’ve forked react-boilerplate as react-boilerplate-serverless if you just want to get started with […]
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Exploring faster blurs

This week I a saw blog post on Hacker News entitled “Fastest Gaussian Blur” (by Ivan Kutskir). That caught my interest, because one thing that always irked me back when I worked on Unity was the fact that our UI blurs felt quite sluggish and there didn’t seem to be much we could do to […]
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Explaining Boyer-Moore

I had to implement the Boyer-Moore string search algorithm from scratch for an advanced algorithms class in 2015. It remember it took ages to get my head around the various concepts and I was so happy when I finally got it. So it was unsurprisingly disappointing that fast-forward to today, I’ve forgotten how it works. […]
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A better way to think about Quicksort

Recently I’ve been learning haskell, a purely functional programming language. I still don’t really understand why I’m doing that; I think functional style is great and it makes a lot of sense to divide programs up into mostly atomic units, composable at the domain level. In a functional style, you generally try to put the majority […]
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Vale Unity

Its been almost six years since Ubuntu shipped with Unity as the default desktop and compiz as the underlying compositor. For every release since then, a similar software stack has shipped on every subsequent release up until 17.04 . Those ten releases make up about half of the Ubuntu desktop’s lifespan and certainly more than half […]
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When you relied on us to grow your population and economy, your birthright to exclude the people they loved too ceased. When you wanted to spread your culture and cultural norms beyond your border, your birthright to exclude the people who accepted the change and allowed that culture to spread ceased. When you wanted to mine […]
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Apt is surprisingly flexible

After a break for a few months, I just shipped a new version of polysquare-travis-container. The main difference here is that we are now able to create and maintain containers without using proot at all, which is a slight improvement on the last big round of changes made in August. The initial reason for using […]
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A conversation

Over the next few days, weeks, months and years there will be a conversation covering one very important question. Depending on the answer that people come to accept, the belief formed will have far reaching implications. That question is: “is liberalism no longer a viable political ideology in a democracy?” Many people will tell you […]
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There’s a meme going around social media at the moment which I think is particularly worthwhile, called #itsokaytotalk. If you haven’t seen it yet, its primary purpose is to send a message that as individuals, we can and should, seek support from our friends, colleagues and family when we are experiencing problems, feelings or negative thought […]
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