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Put me in a team and three things will happen

Things get done


The project becomes better


The whole team learns and improves

Experience and Skills

Bring me on to your team and I bring a track record of breadth and depth of experience in many different paradigms.

Artificial Intelligence and Data

Artificial Intelligence and Data

  • Machine Learning: Entity Detection and Natural Language Processing for Jurimetrics using spaCy, Scortch for PyTorch, coursework in Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Machine Learning at Aalto University, using PyTorch and Scikit-Learn.
  • Python: Authored and Deployed production grade data processing pipeline for Jurimetrics using Luigi and hand-written data-extraction framework and libraries.
  • Data Pipelines: The data pipeline at Jurimetrics is written using carefully optimized internal SQLite databases for entity-cross matching and database compression and orchestrated together using Luigi. It can handle hundreds of thousands of documents on a very small compute and memory budget.



  • Systems Programming: Large scale C and C++17 projects at Canonical and Endless, including the use of GLib and GObject. Substantial contributions to Compiz, Unity, Gjs (the GNOME JavaScript binding), Endless OS, and Flatpak.
  • 3D Graphics: Desktop Graphics projects and shell projects at Canonical and Endless, with substantial contributions to Compiz, Unity and GNOME-Shell. Pioneered the first implementation of new OpenGL specifications such as GLX_EXT_buffer_age, enabled compositors on mobile platforms using OpenGL|ES and authored efficient Gaussian Blur shaders. Implemented the animations on this website and Intuitive Math using Three.js.
  • Python: Author of several python code tooling and static analysis libraries such as cmake-ast and polysquare-travis-container.



Whatever the domain, chances are that I'm familiar with its paradigm, or have the capacity to learn it very quickly. I love learning new stuff.


You get not only a bag of technologies, but an entire methodology, approach and experienced toolsmith
You can rely on me.

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